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Jubilee Chorus Holds Section Leader Orientation to Discuss Upcoming Season Goal

September 08, 2015
Jubilee Chorus Holds Section Leader Orientation to Discuss Upcoming Season Goal


Jubilee Chorus selected choral section leaders: Soprano- Nytia Tomas, Alto- Rachel Porter, Tenor- Jeremy Whitener and Bass- Aaron Castle. They are professional singers who have experience in various choral music fields. Their positions will lead the choral singers, develop their music skills, and support choral singers in improving their talents.

Jubilee NYC introduced the vision to them, the chorus's season schedule, and directions during the orientation.

Nytia Tomas shared, "Being deeply passionate about both sacred and choral music, I am thrilled to be able to sing with the Jubilee Chorus. I am so grateful at this point in my life, to be a part of a group with a real purpose and commitment, and am really looking forward to sharing God's love through the music we will sing. I know this is going to be a real blessing in my life and hopefully in the lives of everyone around as well. "

Rachel Porter shared, "I am thrilled to work with Jubilee Chorus this coming season! I'm looking forward to the community of the group as well as the message we will be communicating through the medium of beautiful music."

Assistant conductor, Bill Heigen shared, "The audition process for selecting the section leaders at Jubilee Chorus was so much fun. We got to know so many talented musicians willing to serve God and proclaim His Name through music. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to know these people, and to get the chance to hear their beautiful voices singing melodies full of joy and positive messages. I am really excited about this upcoming season!"

May their beautiful harmonies resonate in NYC and may the sound guide people towards glorifying God. The Jubilee Chorus first rehearsal is scheduled for September 15. Jubilee kindly request your prayers for Jubilee Chorus' new season steps.